These Are the Heroes with the Passion
to Transform lives

Wall of fame

Individuals from all around the world who have partnered with Dignity Centre

— Heroes for the cause

  • Ajay and Kim – USA
  • Dolf en Susan – Worcester
  • Jakop – Faroe Islands
  • Emily – USA
  • Una Jansen Van Rensburg – Australia
  • Rulof and Kim – Worcester
Sydney | Australia

— YWAM Syndey

YWAM Sydney Island Breeze desires to see this generation transformed and mobilized into their God-given destiny.  Compelled by the love of Jesus, we have a passion to see Christ-followers discipled, equipped, and inspired to use their creative gifts to shine God’s light into all nations.

Faroe Islands | Europe

— Serve Africa

Serve Africa operates through local volunteers to rescue people from the poverty trap by providing education, training, and counseling. The focus of our work is two large villages at Mbalala, 10 miles northeast of Kampala in Uganda. ​These villages, also known as the Kivuuvu Camps A and B, are made up of 400 adults and 600 children, most of whom are refugees who fled the fighting in the north of the country.

Durban | South Africa

— Prevailing Women

Durban | South Africa

— Israel's Consulting Travel

Our company host groups and individual to various destinations and our main focus is to elevate the Kingdom by hosting groups to the Holy Land. God’s instruction and demonstration to Israel that related to our economic aspect of how they were to live as they travelled from Egypt to the promise land from experience in our business and scriptures, we came up with the top level purpose for what we do.

Durban | South Africa

— YWAM Durban

  • Hooked in Africa – The founding vision of Hooked in Africa is to bring women together; to build community and relationship while learning a new skill.
  • Reading Club – Twice a week we create a space for children in the community to develop their reading skills and at the same time a love for the written word.
Durban | South Africa

— Children of Destiny at Home

Children of Destiny at Home (CODAH) preserve and strengthen families so that they can provide a suitable environment for the physical, emotional, and social development of their members.

Durban | South Africa

— National Lottery Board

The National Lotteries Commission is the only National Lottery Regulator and License holder in South Africa. The NLC regulates various lotteries including sports pools, society lotteries, raffles and competitions. The NLC monitors and regulates the running of various lottery competitions, including those organised by non-profit organisations to raise funds and by companies to promote their goods and services.

The National Lotteries Commission also serves as a Grant Funder, providing registered Non Profit Organisations with funding to establish projects that improve the lives of everyday South Africans. Our grant funding focuses mainly in areas that require enough support to be able to bring growth and change within impoverished communities. The impact of our grant funding model, is designed in a manner that plays a pertinent role in changing peoples lives. We as a commission are guided by a strict mandate, that governs our operations and helms the model of our grant funding.

Durban | South Africa

— Philippi Trust South Africa

We are dedicated to providing counselling and counselling training to all people of South Africa. We are a registered Trust and Section 18A organisation. Re accreditation in process with the SETA.