We Support Children and Young women to Reach Their Full Potential

the objectives

— Champion Teens

Champion Teen Campaigns focus on educating teens to help them make sexually responsible choices

We are passionate about inspiring teens to rise up and take ownership for their lives.

Champion Teens provide an avenue for dialogue as well as opportunities to share relevant information and resources.

— Pregnant Women

We identify vulnerable pregnant women in partnership with local clinics and help them by providing them with baby clothes, food and other essential items.

However, we also hold workshops on pregnancy related topics, such as preparing for birth.

Our aim is to help these women and support them during their pregnancy.


— Heart 2 Heart

There is a big need for mother and daughter communication. We see this as an opportunity to build better relationships between mothers and daughters. We want to encourage input from mothers and allow girls to have a safe place to express their ideas, thoughts and concerns.

The need

BBC reported that 182,000 ( 15,100 a month ) female high school students – mostly poor and black – become pregnant every year in South Africa, thereby endangering their educations and futures, while placing heavy financial burdens on their families.
Many of the new mothers are as young as 14.

Babies Having Babies: Teenage Pregnancies Destroying Lives And Futures Of South African Girls
The Human Sciences Research Council of the World Bank estimated that 18 percent of all students in South Africa either get pregnant or make someone pregnant each year.

Parenthood is the leading reason that teen girls drop out of school. More than 50% of teen mothers never graduate from high school. 
8 out of 10 teen dads don’t marry the mother of their child.

  • Many deaths were the result of backstreet abortions.
  • In the 2012-2013 financial year, there were 89000 abortions in public hospitals.
  • “The demand [for abortions] is too high and it’s an abnormal demand. Many young girls do it two times a year.”

Statistics Pregnancy, South Africa has the fourth highest, rate in the world.

It is a huge drain on finances – estimates are that 85% of babies are born to single mothers who fall pregnant because the government pays a grant – the vast majority of fathers have nothing to do with their children, who are brought up by the grandmother.

Many of these ‘single mothers’ are high school students.



Goal 1

To reach 100 teenage girls every year through our Champion Teens Campaigns.

Goal 2

To reach 500 women during our Vulnerable Pregnant Women Campaign in the month of August as it is Women’s Month in South Africa.

Goal 3

To invite 50 mother and 50 teenage girls to our Heart to Heart Breakfast. Usually we host this during the month of November.